Vicinities Europe (2015)

When the 'Okruzenje' ('Vicinities') team presented its Balkans-focused current affairs talk show to the European Parliament, the response was positive across the board -- with one caveat: the MEPs could not understand why there was not a similar show that covered Europe as a whole.

And so the idea for "Vicinities Europe" was born.

The first two episodes of the pan-European current affairs TV show ’Vicinities Europe’ became a reality in October 2015. After 9 months of continuous efforts by the CDRSEE team, hosts Susan Nadeau Vicinities' editor and former Reuters reporter and Tim Judah of The Economist, assembled in the studio with guests from across Europe for a very lively and sometimes intense discussion/debate.  The first show ’Quo Vadis, Europe?’, looked at recent current events and what they meant for Europe and included guests; Florian Bieber from the University of Graz; Silvie Lauder of Respekt magazine; Stephane Grueso of; and Nenad Sebek of the Regional Cooperation Council. The migrant and refugee crisis in Europe was the topic of the second show, which included Melita Sunjic of the UNHCR, Timea Kovacs of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Philippe Fargues of the Migration Policy Centre, and Vasilis Tsartsanis, an independent filmmaker. Discussion intensified as guests sought  responses and solutions  to a difficult and sometimes tragic situation.

The shows benefited greatly from comments and the participation of the live audience,  and they  included members of the European Alternatives Network, European Fund for the Balkans Alumni and students from a joint master's degree programme with the University of Belgrade and the University of Graz.  

The pilot shows were made possible thanks to the financial support of the ERSTE Stiftung, and hopefully, they are just the start.