Workshop 4

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    Workshop 4


    The Fourth Junior Scholars' Workshop was held in Thessaloniki, Greece between 17-20 June 2004. Fifteen participants from the Balkans presented and discussed their PhD theses with five senior scholars, experts in the field of Southeast European history.

    List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

    Workshop 3

        The third Junior Scholars' Workshop was held on 26-28 June 2003, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was co-organised by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Sofia. Twenty Juniors Scholars met with six members of the CDRSEE's Academic Committee for three intense days of discussion.

        List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

        Workshop 2

        Junior Scholars' Workshop 2 was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 29 June to 1 July 2001. Fifteen outstanding young scholars presented their doctoral theses for comment and feedback from their peers and from senior scholars.

        List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

        • Nada Alaica, The question of national 'identity' on the Croatian Military Frontier in the 19th century.

        Workshop 1

        Junior Scholars’ Workshop 1 took place on 6-8 October 2000 in Halkidiki, Greece. Sixteen Juniors Scholars and four Senior Scholars from the CDRSEE's Academic came together for three days to discuss new and current historical research in SEE.

        List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

        • Isa Blumi, Precarious Identities: Kosovars, Albanians in an Ottoman Balkans.


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