A year in review


A year in review

After 2016-a year full of shocks on the European and global stage- we had started to think that we couldn’t be surprised by anything. In 2017 we were proven wrong. With ever more extreme developments in politics and social change, the need for steady, clear leadership and inclusivity in civil society is more urgent than ever.  Building on our experience, strengths and always learning from each success and failure, the CDRSEE developed and continued its work in education, media, and social integration, emphasising that in a world of fake news, rising xenophobia and ever more divisions, our projects- that hold critical thinking, media freedom and inclusion at their core- are never more needed.

The CDRSEE, in 2017, made substantial progress with its flagship education and media programmes, while also undertaking numerous short-term projects and contributing to a wide range of EU initiatives and ideas by other NGOs and international organisations, thus offering our expertise to civil society in a broad range of ways.

In 2018, we aim to develop and continue our current projects, widen our network of cooperation, participate in a wide range of events and create and implement new projects. 

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