New Year, New Opportunities


New Year, New Opportunities

2017 has been another year of groundbreaking, creative and practical work by the CDRSEE, and at the same time, a year of challenges. Our projects have gone from strength to strength- developing not only in their content and methods, but also in broadening their reach, engaging in more cooperation with a variety of groups and in delivering results that allow for societies to really bring about change. Europe in general, including our region of Southeast Europe, has found itself sailing into uncharted waters in 2017. Responses to the uncertainties have been worrying - a rise in populism, trends towards divisions within countries and regions and a growing lack of capacity or patience to listen to the opinions or perspectives of others.

The CDRSEE continues to believe fervently in the ability and potential of societies to overcome divisions and work towards unity; a unity that is not monolithic and exclusive, but rather one that celebrates diversity, welcomes dialogue and looks towards the future together.

Our projects are not just the reflections of our beliefs, but also pragmatic initiatives to bring people together to solve problems and move forward together. In 2017 we proved that we CAN do this and have the will and enthusiasm to DO so. As we move towards a new year, the CDRSEE continues to be a leader in the field, an inspiration and a consistent producer of relevant, collaborative and participative initiatives. Stay tuned to see what we will achieve, together, in the New Year.

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