Looking to the future of the 'Vicinities': first meeting for the 'Okruzenje' team in Belgrade


Looking to the future of the 'Vicinities': first meeting for the 'Okruzenje' team in Belgrade

On 7 March, 2018 the creative and production team of 'Vicinities' met to review the activities of the past season and discuss the next steps of Season 7. Building on the successful sixth season, the production team, brought new ideas for expanding the visibility of the show and pledged their commitment to not only maintaining the quality of the show, but also raising the production standards and setting higher goals that will lead the show to new levels. The feedback from the broadcasters and viewers has been consistently very positive and thus the crew is dedicated to expanding the range of topics with a view to ensure a far-reaching impact to a wider regional audience.

'Vicinities' welcomes Season 7 with a new addition to its team. Distinguished television & film director, producer and screenwriter, Mr Stanko Crnobrnja will be directing the show's episodes from behind the camera. Throughout his career, Mr Crnobrnja has directed more than 1,500 televisions shows, series and three feature films. Mr Crnobrnja is a theoretician  and lecturer in the field of mass communication and television theory and serves as a professor at the Faculty of Media and Communication of the Singidunum University in Belgrade.

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